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That’s how he does it. That’s how he does it. He makes you fight. He makes you fight. Creeps into your head. Creeps into your head. And whispers. And whispers. Listen. Listen. Just listen. Just listen. That’s him. That’s him. Inside. Inside.

I want this on stage, live stage. This episode needs to be seen by more people. It needs to be studied in schools. Not just drama classes, but literature classes. Sociology classes. Socioeconomic classes. AMAZING episode.

I’ve seen Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, the Silence… but this was the scariest episode of Doctor Who I have ever watched.

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are you ever in the middle of saying something or showing someone something and you realize that literally no one cares 

I’ve literally stopped talking mid-word in a story and no one has noticed.

I'm Rachel and I like stuff. Mostly chicken strips.

Also musicals, Boardwalk Empire, and Sansa Stark.

Mostly chicken strips.

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